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Catholic Wonderworker Project Progress

The following Catholic wonderworker entries on The Banana Republican are finished (date of birth and death, all miracle accounts available in the usual sources with hyperlinked references,{1} and occupation are filled in; bold items already have icons and/or photos in place):

11th Century
  1. St. Aldemar the Wise of Capua (Benedictine monk) [†3/24/1080]
  2. St. Alferius of La Cava (Benedictine abbot who founded the Benedictine abbey Holy Trinity of La Cava under the Cluniac rule) [930-Holy Thursday of 1050]
  3. St. Casilda of Toledo (anchoress) [†4/9/1050]
  4. St. Colman of Stockerau (monk-martyr) [†10/13/1012]
  5. St. Dominic of Silos (abbot who founded the Order of Preachers) [1000-12/10/1073]
  6. St. Guy of Anderlecht (The Poor Man of Anderlecht) [950-9/12/1012]
  7. St. Romuald of Italy (monk founder of the Camaldolese Benedictines) [951-6/19/1027]
  8. St. Walstan of Bawburgh (blue-blooded itinerant farmer & mendicant pilgrim) [†5/30/1016]
12th Century
  1. Bl. Bertha de'Alberti of Cavriglia of Italy (Vallombrosan abbess) [1106-3/24/1163]
  2. St. Christina of Markgate (nun) [1097-12/5/1160]
  3. St. Drogo (Benedictine hermit) [1105-4/16/1186]
  4. St. Emilina of Longeville (discalced Cistercian nun) [1115-10/27/1178]
  5. Bl. Evermod of Ratzeburg (bishop) [1100-2/17/1178]
  6. St. Galgano of Italy (Galgano Guidotti: Monte Siepe hermit) [1148-12/5/1181]
  7. St. Gerlac of Valkenberg (tree-dwelling hermit) [1100-1/5/1172]
  8. St. Helen of Sköfde (martyred blue-blooded widow) [†7/31/1160]
  9. Bl. Robert of Arbrissel (monk & preacher) [1047-2/24/1116]
  10. St. William the Great of Maleval (hermit) [†2/10/1157]
13th Century
  1. St. Agnes of Prague (princess & abbess) [1205-3/6/1282]
  2. Bl. Ambrose Sansedoni of Siena (Dominican missionary) [1220-3/2/1287]
  3. Bl. Anthony Manzi the Pilgrim of Padua (hermit) [1237-2/1/1267]
  4. Bl. Beatrix of Valfleury (Cisterian foundress & first prioress of convent of Our Lady of Nazareth near Lier) [†7/29/1269]
  5. St. Benevenuto Scotivoli of Osimo (Franciscan bishop of Osimo) [†3/22/1282]
  6. St. Christina the Astonishing of Belgium (nun) [1150-7/24/1224]
  7. Bl. Guy Vignotelli of Cortona (Franciscan hieromonk) [1185-6/16/1245]
  8. St. Hedwig of Silesia (Duchess of Silesia) [1174-10/16/1243]
  9. St. Hildebrand of Fossombrone (bishop) [1119-4/30/1219]
  10. Bl. John Garbella of Vercelli (Dominican Master-General & papal legate) [1205-11/30/1283]
  11. St. Leonard of Reresby (Crusader) [†11/6/13th c.]
  12. Bl. Mary of Oignies (hermitess) [1167-6/23/1213]
  13. St. Obitius of Brescia (Benedictine monk) [1150-2/4/1204]
  14. Bl. Simon of Aulne (Cistercian lay brother) [†11/6/1215]
  15. St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelic Church Doctor, Dominican priest, and prince of theologians) [1225-3/7/1274]
14th Century
  1. Bl. Andrew of Segni of Anagni (Franciscan hermit) [†2/1/1302]
  2. Bl. Pope Benedict XI of Rome (Niccolo Boccasini of Treviso: Dominican who authored several commentaries on Sacred Scripture) [1240-7/7/1304]
  3. Bl. Bernard Tolomeo (Giovanni Tolomeo: founder of the Congregation of the Blessed Virgin of Monte Oliveto) [1272-8/21/1348]
  4. Bl. Jane of Orvieto (Dominican tertiary nun) [1264-7/23/1306]
  5. Bl. John Bufalari of Rieti (Augustinian friar-hermit) [†8/1/1347]
  6. St. Roseline of Villeneuve (Carthusian nun) [1263-1/17/1329]
15th Century
  1. Bl. Andrew Grego of Peschiera (Franciscan monk and Apostle of the Valtelline) [1400-1/18/1485]
  2. Bl. Augustine Fangi of Biella (Dominican friar & priest) [1430-7/22/1493]
  3. Bl. Balthasar Ravaschieri of Chiavari (Franciscan priest & preacher) [1420-10/17/1492]
  4. St. Nuño de Santa Maria Álvares Pereira of Portugal (widower Carmelite lay brother) [6/24/1360-11/1/1431]
16th Century
  1. St. Alexander Sauli of Milan (blue-blooded Superior-General of Barnabites, bishop of Aleria, bishop of Pavia, & Apostle of Corsica) [2/15/1534-10/11/1592]
  2. St. Angela Merici (virgin foundress of the Order of Ursulines) [3/21/1474-1/27/1540]
  3. St. Catherine del Ricci (Dominican tertiary prioress) [4/23/1522-2/2/1590]
  4. St. Francis of Paola (mendicant friar and the founder of the Roman Catholic Order of the Minims) [3/27/1416-4/2/1507]
17th Century
  1. Bl. Agnes Albiñana of Beniganim (Discalced Augustinian nun) [2/9/1625-1/21/1696]
  2. St. Alonso Rodriguez of Spain (Jesuit lay-brother) [7/25/1532-10/31/1617]
  3. St. Andrew Avellino the Confessor of Italy (Lorenzo/Lancelotto Avellino: Superior of the Order of the Theatine Clerks Regular who combated Protestantism) [1521-11/10/1608]
  4. Bl. Andrew Ebersbach (Premonstratensian abbot of Teplá) [1554-7/5/1629]
  5. Bl. Anne García Manzanas of St. Bartholomew (Discalced Carmelite virgin nun) [10/1/1549-6/7/1626]
  6. St. Hyacintha of Mariscotti (foundress of the Oblates of Mary) [1585-1/30/1640]
  7. St. John de Rivera of Spain (Archbishop & viceroy of Valencia who founded the College of Corpus Christi in Valencia) [12/1532-1/6/1611]
  8. Bl. Julian Maunoir of France (Apostle of Brittany & founder of the Breton Missionaries) [10/1/1606-1/28/1683]
18th Century
  1. Ven. Antonio Margil of Valencia (Franciscan priest, missionary, & Apostle of New Spain) [8/18/1657-8/6/1726]
  2. Bl. Januarius Maria Sarnelli of Naples (Redemptorist priest) [9/12/1702-6/30/1744]
  3. Bl. Juniper Serra (Franciscan missionary priest, founder of many monasteries, & Apostle of California) [11/24/1713-8/28/1784]
  4. Bl. Maria Crucified Satellico of Venice (Elisabetta Maria Satellico: Poor Clare abbess) [12/31/1706-11/8/1745]
  5. Bl. Rafael Chylinski (Melchior Chylinski: Conventual Franciscan priest) [1/6/1694-12/2/1741]
19th Century
  1. St. Andrew Hubert Fournet of France (priest founder of Daughters of the Cross of Saint Andrew) [12/6/1752-5/13/1834]
  2. Bl. Annunciata Cocchetti (teacher & foundress of the Sisters of St. Dorothea in Cemmo) [5/9/1800-3/23/1882]
  3. Bl. Antonio Rosmini-Serbati (priest & philosopher) [3/24/1797-7/1/1855]
  4. Bl. August Czartoryski (blue-blooded Salesian priest) [8/2/1858-4/8/1893]
  5. Bl. Basil Anthony Mary Moreau (co-founder of the Congregation of the Holy Cross) [2/11/1799-1/20/1873]
  6. St. Benedicta Cambiagio Frassinello of Italy (chaste wife who became nun & co-foundress of the Congregation of the Benedictine Sisters of Divine Providence) [10/2/1791-3/21/1858]
  7. Bl. Caterina Cittadini (teacher & foundress of the Ursuline Sisters of Somasca) [9/28/1801-5/5/1857]
  8. St. Caterina Volpicelli of Naples (blue-blooded Franciscan tertiary nun & foundress of the Institute of Handmaidens of the Sacred Heart) [1/21/1839-12/28/1894]
  9. Bl. Catherine Jarrige the Confessor of Cantal (Dominican tertiary nun) [10/4/1754-7/4/1836]
  10. Bl. Josefa Naval Girbés (nun of The Carmelite Third Order of Our Lady of Mount Caramel and St. Teresa of Jesus) [12/11/1820-2/24/1893]
  11. Bl. Maria Teresa Haze (virgin foundress of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross) [2/27/1782-1/7/1876]
  12. Bl. Maria Teresa of Jesus (Italian foundress of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mount Carmel) [5/15/1825-11/14/1889]
  13. Bl. Maria Louise Merkert of Nysa (nun co-foundress of the Sisters of Saint Elizabeth) [9/27/1817-11/14/1872]
20th Century
  1. Bl. Adalbert Nierychlewski (Wojciech Nierychlewski: martyr under the Nazi yoke) [4/20/1903-2/9/1942]
  2. St. Agostino Roscelli (founder of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Immaculate Conception) [7/27/1818-5/7/1902]
  3. Bl. Alberto Marvelli of Italy (lay member of Catholic Action) [3/21/1918-10/5/1946]
  4. Bl. Andrea Carlo Ferrari of Italy (cardinal archbishop of Milan) [8/13/1850-2/2/1921]
  5. Bl. Anna Rosa Gattorno (co-foundress of the Institute of the Daughters of Saint Anne, Mother of Mary Immaculate) [10/14/1831-5/6/1900]
  6. Bl. Anna Schaeffer of Mindelstetten (laywoman) [2/18/1882-10/5/1925]
  7. St. Anthony Mary Pucci of Italy (Eustacchio Pucci: Servite priest) [4/16/1818-1/12/1892]
  8. St. Arcangelo Tadini of Brescia (parish priest who founded the Workers' Mutual Aid Association and the Congregation of Worker Sisters of the Holy House of Nazareth) [10/12/1846-5/20/1912]
  9. St. Arnold Janssen (founder of the Society of the Divine Word; the Missionary Sisters, Servants of the Holy Ghost; & the Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration) [11/5/1837-1/15/1909]
  10. St. Augustine Caloca Cortés of Mexico (hieromartyr) [5/5/1898-8/25/1927]
  11. Bl. Basil Hopko of Slovakia (Greek Catholic hieromartyr under Communist yoke) [4/21/1904-6/23/1976]
  12. St. Benedetto Menni (Angelo Ercole Menni Figini: priest founder of the Congregation of Hospitaller Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) [3/11/1841-4/24/1914]
  13. St. Bertilla Boscardin (Anna Francesca Boscardin: nurse in the Sisters of Saint Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Heart) [10/6/1888-10/20/1922]
  14. Bl. Boleslav Maria Lament of Poland (founded the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family who worked to convert the Russian Orthodox) [7/3/1862-1/29/1946]
  15. Bl. Bronislaw Markiewicz of Poland (founder of the Society of Moderation and Work) [7/13/1842-1/29/1912]
  16. Bl. Candida Maria de Jesus Cipitria y Barriola (Juana Josefa Cipitria y Barriola: foundress of the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus) [5/31/1845-8/9/1912]
  17. Bl. Carlo Liviero (Bishop of Città di Castello & founder of the Congregation of the Little Servants of the Sacred Heart) [5/29/1866-7/7/1932]
  18. Bl. Clemens August von Galen the Confessor of Germany (Cardinal-Priest of San Bernardo alle Terme who preached against Nazism & euthanasia) [3/16/1878-3/22/1946]
  19. Bl. Diego Oddi of Italy (Giuseppe Oddi: Franciscan monk who prayed unceasingly) [6/6/1839-6/3/1919]
  20. Bl. Eugenia Picco of Milan (Superior General of Congregation of the Little Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary) [11/8/1867-9/7/1921]
  21. Bl. Florentina Nicol Goni of Spain (foundress of the Congregation of the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary) [3/14/1868-2/24/1940]
  22. Bl. Guido Maria Conforti of Parma (Archbishop of Parma, founder of the Xaverian Missionaries, and missionary to China) [3/30/1865-11/5/1931]
  23. Bl. Juan Nepomuceno Zegrí y Moreno (priest founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy) [10/11/1831-3/17/1905]
  24. Bl. Maria Caridad Brader (foundress of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate) [8/14/1860-2/27/1943]
  25. Bl. Maria Cristina Brando of the Immaculate Conception (virgin foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters, Expiatory Victims of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament) [5/1/1856-1/20/1906]
  26. Bl. Maria Crocifissa Curcio of Italy (foundress of the Congregation of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus) [1/30/1877-7/4/1957]
  27. Bl. Maria Teresa Fasce of Italy (Augustinian abbess) [12/27/1881-1/18/1947]
  28. Bl. Peter Bonilli of Spoleto (priest who founded the Sisters of the Holy Family) [3/15/1841-1/5/1935]
  29. Bl. Piedad Ortiz Real (foundress of the Congregation of the Salesian Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) [11/12/1842-2/26/1916]
  30. Bl. Rita Amada Lopes de Almeida of Portugal (foundress of the Sisters of Jesus, Mary and Joseph) [3/5/1848-1/6/1913]
  31. Bl. Teresa Grillo Michel of Alessandria (Maddalena Parvopassau: foundress of the Congregation of the Little Sisters of Divine Providence) [9/25/1855-1/25/1944]
  32. Bl. Thomas Reggio of Genoa (Archbishop of Genoa & founder of the Sisters of Saint Martha) [1/8/1818-11/22/1901]
  33. Bl. Timothy Giaccardo (first Vicar General of the Congregation of the Society of St. Paul) [6/13/1896-1/24/1948]
  34. Bl. Valentin Paquay of Limburg (Franciscan priest) [11/17/1828-1/1/1905]
  35. St. Zygmunt Gorazdowski of Ukraine (founder of The House of the Child Jesus) [11/1/1845-1/1/1920]
21st Century


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